Ellen B., Boulder, CO

Healthy eating

Barbara was my nutritionist when I became malnourished because of an illness. During sessions with Barbara, I could not have asked for more concentrated attention and concise, accessible advice. Barbara White’s genuine, caring, hopeful and inspiring attitude pulled me through an extremely tough time. Barbara put me on a healthy eating track and taught me how to positively perceive my body. Her wisdom is nothing short of miraculous. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Ellen B.

Examiner.com Review

Outdoor Nutrition Therapy

“White’s joyful attitude is infectious and immediately inspires confidence in potential clients. She loves what she does and this passion radiates from her. She truly believes in each client’s capacity to regain health in mind, body and spirit.”

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Sarah, CU Boulder

Clear techniques, clear results

“Barbara used clear, easy to follow techniques …I have had disordered thinking about food for many years of my life.  When I finally decided to get help, going to Barbara was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I used to associate food with numbers and how many calories they contained.  I stopped enjoying food and eating became more of a chore for me.  Barbara gave me new tools and thought processes to use that helped me through my problems and I began to see food in a different way.  Barbara used clear, easy to follow techniques that helped me figure out the root of my eating problem and were easy to incorporate into my every day life.  I feel more in touch with myself, my feelings and intuition after seeing Barbara.  Barbara White helped me become the strong, beautiful woman that I am today!”

Former Phone Counseling Client

Nationwide Remote Nutrition Therapy

“I learned a lot from Barbara White, things I didn’t learn anywhere else, even after more than three decades with an eating disorder. She showed me a reasonable and compassionate road, a sane middle ground between binging and starving. She helped me recognize the futility of the quest for perfection. And it wasn’t all therapeutic chat with her – although there was plenty. She is a highly knowledgeable nutritionist who can poke a hole in a crackpot theory as brilliantly as she keeps up with current research.

I particularly appreciated how well she understood that I’m an amateur athlete whose needs for food depend on my activity level, and I know she’d be helpful to younger and more serious athletes, plenty of whom have food and body image issues. In short, Barbara is exactly the right person to have in your corner when you’re trying to get to the other side of an eating disorder. I would recommend her to anyone.”