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[email protected] 


303 470-1200

Boulder Nutritionist:

Barbara White Nutrition Therapy
2117 Walnut St #13c
Boulder CO 80302

Denver Nutritionist:

Barbara White Nutrition Therapy
2121 S Oneida St #336
Denver, CO 80224 

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    Thank you in advance for contacting me at Barbara White Nutrition! I am a nutrition therapist in Boulder (& a Denver Nutrition Therapist) who also has an online practice. I work out of two locations serving two communities: Boulder Nutrition Therapy (Walnut & 21st) & Denver Nutrition Therapy (near Monaco & Evans). Contact me for information or to make an appointment. I look forward to connecting!

    Sincerely, Barbara
    Food, Weight & Body Image Counseling &
    Eating Disorders Recovery Nutrition Therapist
    Boulder Denver Colorado & Online 

    303 470-1200