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Barbara White is also a Sports Nutritionist who absolutely loves the outdoors! She teaches sports nutrition & offers programs that include optional outdoor activities & adventure sports. These outdoor group programs take place in the Boulder Colorado foothills, the Rocky Mountains & seasonally in Moab Utah.

Barbara began incorporating outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, & snowshoeing into her specialized nutrition therapy & sports nutrition services in 1993 while helping teenagers recover from eating disorders.

Barbara White Nutrition

Kayak Clinics with Colorado Sports Nutritionist Therapist

It quickly became an option for all of Barbara White’s clients.

And as soon as Barbara became an avid boater, she added ‘kayak nutrition clinics’ to her list of options!

Young women continue to
participate in Nutritionist Barbara White’s optional nutrition & adventure sports nutritionist programs.

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Nutrition & Mountain Biking Clinics in Colorado

Nutrition Therapy, Sports Nutrition & Adventure Programs: help women establish healthy balanced lifestyle choices 

Barbara White Nutrition programs are designed to help women establish a healthy mindset & balanced lifestyle. 

What constitutes balance – exercise wise – depends on an individual’s fitness goals & sport. The athlete in Barbara understands this concept. Women always have options & choices! 

Barbara White Nutrition Groups always involve people making choices! Whether the choice is about food or eating, physical activity or sharing stories – the choice is yours. Encouraging and respecting personal choice is an important theme in all of Barbara White’s Programs.

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Denver & Boulder Sports Nutritionist Help

Boulder & Denver Sports Nutritionist Barbara White creates supportive environment …

Respectful. Flexible. Positive.

There’s an atmosphere of support mingled with excitement at the prospect of rising to the adventure, nutrition & sports wise! Barbara’s more than a sports nutritionist.

Barbara White Nutrition – Philosophy

Barbara White believes in the philosophy of eating well regularly & fueling exercise & sports for optimal health and peak performance. She teaches clients how to stay energized during recreational & competitive sports.

Barbara encourages having movement in one’s life in one form or another. Walking, dancing, cycling, sports! 

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Optional Outdoor Groups!

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Come join us! Support groups & outdoor programs are optional & available to individual clients.

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