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‘Fat talk’ involves repeat comments on diet, exercise, fears of weight gain, researchers say

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“People who often make comments about their weight are more likely to have a poor body image and to suffer depression, according to a new study.”
according to a study released in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, 2012.

Unraveling ‘fat talk’ and understanding ‘fat attacks’ for what they truly are is a topic that often gets discussed here at Barbara White Nutrition.
One clue that a fat attack is about something deeper than mere body weight or body dissatisfaction has to do with its patterns. Ask yourself, does my body image vary through out the day or week or month? If the answer is yes, then further exploration could uncover what is commonly referred to as — the real or underlying issue. Naturally, that leads to … what now? What next? Eating and body image issues are complex issues. Approaching food, weight, and body image issues from ‘all sides’ helps to “hit the nail on the head” and ultimately recover from eating & weight problems/disorders. Changing the talk is important. So is uncovering what the talk is all about. Here is the link to the article:

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