Nutrition Counseling Style

Nutrition Therapist Boulder & Denver, CO & Counseling Style

Nutrition Therapist, Nutritionist & Dietitian provides positive nutrition therapy & counseling at Barbara White Nutrition

Nutritionist Barbara White is a nutrition therapist who asks positive questions about food, eating, weight, & body image. Barbara strives to keep her therapy & counseling style compassionate & collaborative. 

Barbara White Nutrition Therapist has a mission: helping women, girls & boys achieve their personal nutrition related lifestyle goals while eating well with ease… 

        loving every minute of it!!!

People who meet with Barbara appear to benefit from her positive approach!

Nutrition Therapist helps translate goals into small steps 

Barbara will help you create a crystal clear vision of your food, nutrition, & weight goals. Women learn how to translate their vision into realistic steps & reality.

Learning about food & metabolism while interpreting nutrition information

Barbara White teaches current information about food, eating, metabolism, body weight, …and more. Nutrition education is an integral part of her work. She helps clients learn ‘how’ to accurately interpret nutrition information, often within the context of weight. Always within the context of enjoying food, eating intuitively & developing a healthy relationship with food.

Help from Nutrition Therapist understanding psychology

Barbara incorporates nutrition & therapy methods based in psychology & story telling to help clients of all ages stay motivated & insightful. 

She brings relaxation, meditation, visualization, & cognitive behavioral therapy, along with other important concepts & tools, into nutrition therapy. Learn to rethink, relax & take strategic steps towards your envisioned goals. As a nutrition therapist, Barbara’s work has been described as sophisticated and effective.

Science, centered eating, & psychology. Nutrition Therapy from a specialist with a solid background is generally effective when food & weight issues are apparent. It’s best to introduce girls & boys at the earliest signs of rigid restrictive dieting or food / weight preoccupation for fast and lasting results – prevention is key!

Bridging nutrition therapy psychology & experiential learning

As a nutrition therapist, Barbara believes in combining information with experiential eating & learning (literally & virtually). She see’s this as a key element to helping people develop the confidence to stand up to endless misconceptions & blatant misinformation in the media about food, nutrition & dieting. Information needs to be grounded in body awareness to be believable.

Experiential learning includes the outdoor adventure sports programs!

Nutrition Therapy individualized for positive outcome

Nutrition Therapy is highly individualized (in content and process, session frequency, & methods). At its best, it’s a collaborative experience with a positive outcome.

Building on this theme encourages clients to participate in creating a program that is effective & empowering. 

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