Body Image Therapy

Body Image Therapy in Boulder & Denver, CO

Body Image Therapy with nutritionist & body image therapist helps people achieve healthy eating & weight goals at Barbara White Nutrition Therapy

Nutritionist Barbara White has provided effective body image therapy since the mid 1990s. She teaches women girls & boys how to have a positive body image by combining body image therapy with nutrition therapy. Why? Because it helps people more confidently achieve their healthy eating & weight goals! Because it helps people be themselves & live joyously! Very attractive.

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Nutritionist helps translate Body Awareness into insight & action with therapy

Women girls & boys learn to discern between nutritional, biological, & emotional signals and how to translate body awareness into insight & action with clear easy to use tools & paradigms… 

Body Image Therapy will give you the confidence to change the way you think about yourself & help you effectively make healthy choices about food & eating! 

Experiential Body Image Therapy & Creative Visualization

Experiential body image therapy (as well as eating & outdoor groups) is optional at Barbara White Nutrition. This too is highly individualized.

Positive affirmations & creative visualization are a part of body image work… Barbara White helps people until it clicks by teaching a variety of techniques and current information for tapping into knowing how the brain works.

Skills for obtaining support

Barbara teaches basic communication skills using concrete methods that form a framework to help clients communicate effectively and obtain support. 

Clients have an opportunity to discuss & explore how the media & culture influences body image –  and how to think about this, too, in ways they find helpful. It’s freeing and empowering to become really savvy at standing up to unreal images & owning one’s body!  

Barbara is committed to helping you develop a healthy mindset and know the difference between taking steps to improve fitness & striving for something unrealistic. Barbara actively listens and is here to help you with body image &/or getting in shape by meeting your nutrition & fitness goals…

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