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Welcome to Barbara White Nutrition Therapy

Nutritionist Boulder & Denver Colorado & Online Nutritionist  

Barbara White is a nutritionist in Boulder & Denver, CO., helping women, girls & boys develop healthy eating behaviors & beliefs through a deeper understanding of nutrition, fitness, body image & self esteem. 

Do you wonder about your diet or worry about your weight? Would you like help from an expert nutritionist who understands todays eating problems? 

Barbara is a nutritionist with a working knowledge of eating disorders and advanced nutritional assessment & counseling skills. She can answer your questions & provide individualized nutrition therapy to help you meet your food & weight goals, as well as improve body image. 

‘Barbara White Nutrition’ is an established practice with two locations: Boulder Nutrition Therapy & Denver Nutrition Therapy, and also an Online Nutritionist available from virtually anywhere!

She draws on 26 years of experience & professional training to provide extremely effective nutrition therapy & body image counseling. Barbara’s services focus on normal healthy eating & fitness for your lifestyle – while incorporating a variety of techniques to inspire people to take action!  

Nutritionist & Therapist 
eating disorders treatment  

With extensive eating disorders experience, Barbara helps people transform complex eating problems into understandable concepts. A nutritionist working with anorexia, bulimia, & binge eating disorders. About eating disorders nutritionist … 

Mindfulness Training
intentional & intuitive eating

Nutritionist teaching intuitive eating through mindfulness & Eating Awareness Training. Barbara White Nutrition’s mission: helping clients eat well with ease, so they can meet their highest lifestyle goals! Intuitive eating goes a long way…

Sports Nutrition & Weight 
translated into healthy eating

Through information & education, women, girls & boys are shown how to accurately interpret nutrition information, particularly as it pertains to weight, physiology & metabolism. They learn to fuel sports & manage weight without restrictive dieting. Learn about outdoor therapy adventures with nutritionist…

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Nutritionist Boulder & Denver, CO

Innovative Counseling
body image & self esteem

Barbara brings a variety of techniques to promote a positive sense of self with body image therapy. Her work has received national recognition for innovative counseling. Please browse around Barbara White Nutrition Therapy’s website for more details or Contact Barbara White Nutrition Therapist for appointments!